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About us

Our Business Background

Vanlian Lighting s.a.r.l. was stablished in 1993 in Lebanon. The company has developed into a leading provider of Professional Lighting solutions, which is mainly oriented towards lighting contracting/projects and public works in major markets of the MEA (Middle East and Africa). We are suppliers of some of the worlds leading lighting brands, providing a complete range of architectural, technical, and decorative lighting fixtures. Our major imported brands are mainly from Italy, Spain, Germany and Belgium.

Our Sales team consists of highly trained and qualified professionals available to assist key market segments such as lighting designers/architects in the development of different lighting designs and solutions in the public work sector such as lighting of roads, airports, governmental building, touristic site, commercial buildings, resorts, hotels, high-end villas and residential apartments, restaurants, retail outlets, showrooms, landscape, industrial lighting, etc.


Our Mission

Our mission is to exceed the expectation of customers by aspiring to the highest level of excellence in our products and services while delivering exceptional value to our customers, the environment and the community. We are achieving this by committing our shared resources, knowledge and training constantly our team to attain superior customer satisfaction

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Our Vision

To be a dominant player in the lighting industry locally and regionally. We strive to be the customers’ first choice for all their needs.

Our long term vision is to be the region’s most dynamic company, crafting unsurpassed, innovative and cost effective lighting design solutions. Our core objective is to be paramount in the quality of our products and services. We aim to create and deliver diverse, vibrant and creative professional lighting solutions, with customer satisfaction as our primary business focus. We strive continuously for a recognized excellence in our value added services, workmanship and environmental awareness


Our Values

Our Core Competencies

  • Agility by acting in a Flexible, Dynamic and Adaptable way
  • Diligence by offering Persistent and Careful attention
  • Forward Thinking by being Creative and Unique
  • Eco-Friendly by adopting Sustainability and Green Environment approaches
  • Morality by being Honest, Transparent and Ethical
  • Customer satisfaction by providing Value Added Services

Our Capabilities

Highest design

Dedicated to offer products with the highest standards in terms of design, quality and reliability.

Lighting design

Strive to meet our customer’s need by providing them with the most convenient, complete and efficient lighting solutions through value added lighting design services, technical and after sales support.

Lighting specifiers

Associated with various lighting specifiers involved in designing new lighting projects, as well as renovating existing projects.

Effective Solutions

Meet the end-user’s objectives, examine the intended use of venue, help to establish the lighting system parameters and electrical power requirements to provide cost effective solutions.

Sustainable and eco-friendly

We support excellence as a standard and everything we do is grounded with what is feasible, sustainable and eco-friendly.

Long term vision

We believe that in order to survive and remain at the forefront of the industry in an environment that is constantly changing, we must have the adaptability, agility, long term vision and expertise to respond to this uncertain landscape